EMP Medic First Aid

EMP Medic First Aid is a leader within the emergency response, safety & care sector.  Having successfully provided consultation and training services to all types of organizations in Cyprus, we proud ourselves in our dynamic and unique training methods with regular up-to-date & compliant material. Our professional team of qualified instructors have certified thousands of employee’s, rescuers, nurses and doctors.  Additionally our services include consultation on Health & Safety and Risk Assessment for any type of organization. Either low risk e.g. Shops, offices, banks, restaurants & cafeterias or high risk e.g. oil & gas related, manufactures, constructions, dangerous machinery, light engineering and where large amounts of people accumulate.

First Aid Training
Currently, the legislation set by the Ministry of labor has an active Law, where companies are required to have trained qualified First Aiders. EMP Medic First Aid is the 1st organization to be approved by the Ministry, with certification No. TEE (  The Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA), provides subsidized First Aid training courses either as In-house seminars, which are conducted within the company premises or pre-planned seminars arranged by us and conducted through various venues around Cyprus.

Executive Director

John-ZeniosYiannis Zenios
I personally like to thank you for your interest in our Training Programs. Our team of professional instructors and support personnel are here to ensure that you receive the best possible care by advising you on the current legal requirements here in Cyprus and training solutions to cover these needs.

Our team can guide you from the very first step to ensure that you choose the right candidates, you receive the rightful subsidy while ensuring that your employees will receive the desired stress-free training solution either at your in-house location or at one of our venues all around Cyprus.

All our training programs are certified and candidates receive the related certification. Become part of our continuous efforts of keeping safety and emergency care at high levels of acceptance and appreciation!