Security Guard Professional Training

Course Objective

Our course has been developed from the ground up by our professionals, to ensure all delegates receive sufficient instruction and training to carry out their security guard duties to the highest standards. This is achieved through workshops, first aid, and fire safety training and through the delivery of field-specific knowledge on how to respond professionally in any given scenario. The program has been specifically created and composed to ensure that all delegates are not only fully equipped to perform their duties skilfully but to achieve the highest possible grades as well.


Professional Security Guard Training Course as Required by Cyprus Law




By the Cyprus Police

Next Courses:
Limassol: 22 – 24 July 2019
Hours: 12:30 – 20:00, The cost of participation is €210 + VAT

Course Details

This Course is in line with the government requirement under the Cyprus Law Ν. 125(1) / 2007 for Police approved Security Officer Licensing.

Taking into account the ever-growing demand for licensed security officers, this course ensures that delegates are fully trained and qualified as security officers having the official necessary license to work as company-employed or self-employed licensed guards.

The license is valid for 5 years enabling the delegates to benefit from the increasing demand for Professional Security Officers and assisting them in their career development.

This is an exciting, interactive course, providing professional value to delegates who will be taught life-altering skills such as strategic communication skills and stress management skills as well as receive certifications on First Aid and Fire Safety. Relevant knowledge of the legal implications / requirements will also be taught in order for them to become experts within the security industry.

Our aim is to consistently develop competent professionals thus contributing to the safety of our fellow-citizens and the community our trained guards serve.


Our team of specialized instructors consists of a qualified lawyer, specialist in the security and safety field as well as a security specialist with an internationally recognised profile in National Security, International Terrorism and International Policing.

Why Attend this Course

Apart from the obvious reason which is to attend and participate in this course in order to ascertain a full Police security license, our instructors will be providing all delegates with unique, field-specific knowhow derived from their years of experience in the security industry.

If you want to possess a competitive edge whilst being interviewed by potential future employers, or to simply enhance your CV or profile, our course material and the transmissibility of our instructors will be the springboard for you to develop your career and achieve your goals as a professional. This course will definitely help you stand out amongst the crowd.


How to attend or organise a course

Next Courses:
Limassol: 22 – 24 July 2019
Hours: 12:30 – 20:00, The cost of participation is €210 + VAT

If you would like to either privately participate or organize a course for your employees, please contact us at 70 000 152 or fill the form below.

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